What Is Key Ring Thing? We Have The Answer On Keyringthing

What is Key Ring Thing?? Why, it's a website with one of those "Damn, what will they think of next?" products.

So what is the "you can't live without it" product for Keyringthing.com?

Glad you asked...

Keyringthing.com has another keyringthing that holds the info from all your other loyalty cards and tags. That's right! All the info from your Key Ring Things will be on one Keyringthing. Plus, according to the website:

1. You will get coupons

2. You will never miss special savings

3. All your loyalty cards and tags will be on one Key Ring Thing

4. It's Free! Well, sort of. You have to select a sponsor or free gift. Hmmmm...sounds like an incentive site.

But, what the heck, check it out anyway.


The site is a little slow to load and they are getting a large amount of requests, so they suggest you bookmark and come back later.


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