Ashton Kutcher, Burger King Drive Thru And Kiddie Robbers

What do you do when it's a slow odd news, humorous news day?

Well, if you are Fileunderi, you do a few Fileunderi Quick Hits:


The lady below...who didn't quite make the turn in the drive thru at her local Burger King.

Or, there's the story of two Oakland California boys who held up a convenience store.
They were ages 8 and 10. They held it up with a BB Gun and demanded money,gum and Push Pops.

Oh yes...and then there is Ashton Kutcher, who is now the biggest Twit in Twitterland. That's right, Ashton has beaten CNN to the heights of Twitter popularity.

Congrats, Ashton. You USED TO BE in a really cool show, you're married to Demi Moore AND you are now the Tila Tequila of Twitter.

If this is your first visit to Fileunderi today and the 3 stories above just don't quite do it for you, look to your right. There's a little odd news for you...


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