What Is Snogging? All The Definitions of Snogging Here

What is Snogging??

Glad you asked. Here are all the definitions from the Urban Dictionary:

1. Snogging: Making out with all the trimmings. Know as being a common term among the Brits, but for Americans its like a piece of verbal candy. The sound and spelling of the word itself doesn't seem to match the meaning, which we all know and love so well.

2. Snogging: Contrary to popular American belief, snogging is just kissing- not full on "action". Full on kissing, yes- but a snog does not define any other sexual act.

3. Snogging: The British version of the American term "make-out". Most Americans use it to conceal the true meaning in a conversation from those who do not know the meaning. Also, some prefer the word for personal reasons.

4. Snogging: A word used instead of kissing. Used in the 6th Harry Potter book.

5. Shagging: Oops, wrong word. Sometimes Snogging leads to Shagging, don't you know.


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