When Diarrhea Is A Felony, Used Fryer Grease Theft, Stealing Police Cars

Today's Morning Insanity...

Detroit Pair Accused Of Trying To Steal Used Restaurant Grease
Our Question is...Why???

Man Hit With Felony Charge After In-Flight Diarrhea On Delta
Man in First Class not allowed to use Business Class Bathroom, Twists Flight Attendant's Arm. Delta would rather you crap your pants.

Man Smashes Daughter's Cell Phone After $4700 Cell Phone Bill
13 Year Old Girl. 10,000 Texts. We have a 15 Year Old, we understand completely.

Stupid Criminal Of The Day:
Man Steals Police Car For Parts To Fix His Car

Today's Funny Pic:

Source: HaHaStop.com


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The used fryer grease actually has value, it's used in the creation of biodiesel. A while back restaurants would give it to you for free because they were otherwise paying for its disposal.

Now it's reversed, they'll charge you to take it off their hands.