Dog Eats Pants. 40th Pair Results In Emergency Surgery

Meet Taffy the Dog.

Taffy loves him some people clothes. Not to eat.

His owners say Taffy has devoured 40 pairs of pants, 300 socks, 15 pairs of shoes and one key fob. Evidently, the Springer Spaniel's owners have a little notebook and keep track of Taffy's conquests. Whatever.

Anyway, Taffy should have kept his paws off the 40th pair of pants; the delicacy cost him a trip to Doggie E.R. and an emergency operation. Taffy's owners say that he normally...ummm...eliminates his conquests, but apparently the 40th time was a charm. So to speak.

Believe it or not, Mr. Taffy Owner is a VET. He had this to say about the situation, "We make jokes about it but it's actually very serious.
Whenever he picks things up we tell him off and hopefully he drops it before he swallows it."

"Hopefully he drops it"? We have a few dogs of our own and they have been known to chew this and that left laying around. But...9 or 10 men's wardrobes worth?

By the way, what is that you are about to put in your mouth Taffy?


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