New York City Teachers Aide Suing 11 Year Old Boy

Teachers Aide Suing 11 Year Old Boy

This is the story of 11 year old Joseph Cicack. Little Joe is being sued by 62 year old Rosanna Tomack in New York Supreme Court for damages stemming from an incident that occurred at Public School #94.

Hmmm...what despicable act did Little Joe commit? Threaten her? Assault her?

Wait, did we mention that this incident occurred in 2006 when Little Joe was 8??

Yes, Little Joe was running to get an ice cream cone and knocked poor Rosanna to the ground. Oh my.

It seems that, because of severe blow that an 8 year old can inflict, Rosanna required spinal fusion surgery and has been unable to work since.

Rosanna's attorney,Edmond Chakmakian, said, "It's a legitimate case. It's not silly."

Now, we are just shooting in the dark here, but doesn't the mere fact that Mr. Chakmakian has to defend his case as not being silly... make the case silly?

The lawyer said Rosanna is seeking damages from the insurance policy covering the Little Joe's parents' home.

Imagine that.

We have a better idea. What exactly is one weeks worth of Little Joe's allowance?

Just sayin'.


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