Katherine Olson: Craigslist Killer Is Guilty And Deeply Remorseful

Michael Anderson, Dubbed the Minneapolis Craigslist Killer, was found guilty and sentenced to life without parole for the murder of Katherine Olson.

Anderson lured 24-year-old Katherine Olson to her death by posting an ad on Craigslist for a baby sitter. Anderson then shot Olson in the bank and stuffed her in the trunk of her own car. When police found the car, there were stacks of children's books in the backseat, put there by Olson in anticipation of the babysitting job she had that day.

Katherine Ann Olson's mother's "victim-impact statement" was one of several Judge Mary Theisen heard before sentencing Anderson, 20,to a mandatory term of life in prison without chance of parole. A jury convicted Anderson of premeditated murder Tuesday night after a six day trial. In addition to Katherine Olson's family members, many of their supporters attended the sentencing, as well as Anderson's parents, several police officers, and six members of the jury.

Michael John Anderson's lawyer expressed his client's "deep regret",but the judge said he had shown no remorse and deserved no sympathy from the court.

Fileunderi says: Shoulda fried him...but life without parole will have to do.


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elite-proxy said...

Just shocking when you see stuff like this in the news. One person has changed someones live now forever.

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