Woman Sues McDonalds And Liquor Store After Beating From Homeless Man

A woman in Tennessee is suing McDonalds and Uncle Koto Liquor Store after a homeless man she tried to give a cheeseburger to became irate and beat her. The homeless man is also named in the lawsuit. The woman is asking for two million dollars in damages.

Fran MacLaren came out of a McDonald's last April and saw Mr. Homeless, David Craig, lying down in a parking spot outside the restaurant. She gave him a cheeseburger. Mr. Homeless Man became irate, shouted that he didn't want the burger, just money and threw the cheeseburger back at MacLaren.

Her response? "I told him he was an ungrateful bastard".

Craig then rose up and struck her repeatedly. Her injuries included: a broken nose, a fractured wrist and cheekbone, a cracked rib and an injured knee.

MacLaren then went into the McDonald's to seek shelter, but was later locked out of the restaurant. (This was probably a bad move on McDonald's part...Ya think?) The Uncle Koto Liquor Store is named in the suit because they had kicked David Craig out of the store earlier in the day.

According to the suit, both husband and wife allege that the McDonald's and the nearby liquor stores, "knew, or should have known, that their mode of operating their particular stores attracted persons prone to criminal acts and provided an environment to crime."

Now Fileunderi is not pointing fingers at anyone here, but we probably would have walked away after the cheeseburger was hurled back at us and skipped the "ungrateful bastard part".

Just sayin'.

Source: Tennessean.com


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