Tamara Hofmann Photo! Teacher In Deadly Love Triangle

Tamara Hofmann Photo! Teacher In Deadly Love Triangle

From East Valley Tribune.com:

School officials knew that the 48-year-old teacher in a deadly love triangle with a student and former student had been in a questionable situation with the slaying suspect when he was 17.

Teen stabbed in Chandler home

Math teacher Tamara Hofmann had been disciplined and eventually resigned from Marcos de Niza High School after Chandler police found her parked at 1 a.m. in 2006 with student Sixto Balbuena, now 20, who had her bra in his pocket, according to school records.

Hofmann then went on to teach at El Dorado High School, a Chandler charter school for at-risk students, where she met Samuel Valdivia, an 18-year-old student who police say was slain by Balbuena Friday when he caught the two in bed.

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