Woman Arrested For Stalking Fired Bikini Teacher

You might remember Tiffany Shepherd, the Bikini Teacher...she gained national attention when she was fired from her teaching job at Port St. Lucie High School for working a second job on a charter boat featuring bikini clad and topless women.

And now an update:

A woman, identified as Felisha Nally, has been arrested and charged with stalking Bikini Teacher Tiffany Shepherd.

The probable cause affidavit from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says Nally is the ex-girlfriend of Shepherd's finance.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

100% INNOCENT! Felisha is purely innocent! Tiffany printed off Felisha’s myspace profile and circled all the bumper stickers and claimed they were about her (Tiffany). That is NOT stalking! If anything Tiffany was cyber-stalking Felisha. If you don’t like what someone has to say THEN DON’T GO ON THEIR PAGE!!! Psycho! The “evidence” will be public very soon and YOU can decide for yourself!!