52 Year Old Stripper Attacked By Co Worker With Stiletto Shoe

52 Year Old Stripper Attacked By Co Worker With Stiletto Shoe

From our Bulging "WTF?" File:

A 52 Year Old Exotic Dancer (Stripper. Duh) was attacked by one of her Co-Workers Friday Night in beautiful Akron, Ohio. It seems that Ms. Stripper Coworker was mad because there was another mouth to feed at the ol' Strip Club.

Akron police Lt. Rick Edwards said,"The other girls were upset she was there and said, 'We don't need any more dancers around here.' ''

The victim, who decided to strip to help make ends meet, received multiple cuts to her face that required 7 staples. It was her first day (night) on the job.

The suspect is in her late 40's.


We aren't surprised that a stripper would attack another stripper, nor does it shock us with the choice of weapons(use what you have available)...

But, FIFTY TWO YEARS OLD AND LATE FORTIES???? Where the hell is this strip joint? Next to a nursing home? Fileunderi will readily admit to stepping inside various strip clubs and "Gentleman's Clubs" (Love that term), and have seen women of various shapes, heights and degrees of attractiveness...umm...perform.


We just threw up in our mouth a little.

Here is the Link to the Story on Ohio.com


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Anonymous said...

Why throw up? Ever see the customers? They are in old nasty men in their 60s!

Anonymous said...

What is with the Ageism of you lot!

Why does the original poster assume that women in their late forties and early fifties are automatically unattractive? I can think of lots of celebs as well as women that I know who are this age and are more attractive to many men than many women 20 to 30 years younger!

Why also does the second poster seem to assume that men in their 60's are not normally interested in sex unless they are "nasty"?

We're the Baby Boomer generation and we're not going down without a fight so get used to it!