Jason Fortuny: Craigslist Troll Is $75000 Poorer

This is Jason Fortuny. Jason is a Seattle based freelance graphic designer and network administrator. Doesn't he look like your average everyday guy next door? Well, he is a little dorky looking...but other than that? Okay, Okay, he looks like a little freaking weasel...but, other than that?

Jason has a little problem. He gets bored easily. Apparently, he gets bored VERY easily. Back in September of 2006, Jason decided to copy another Craigslist poster, purportedly a real woman seeking a dominant male partner. He received 178 responses.

Was this enough to satisfy his trollness? No, Jason then decided to post ALL the responses, including pics and contact info, on a website called Encyclopedia Dramatica. He described it as "the Craigslist Experiment", and encouraged others to further identify the respondents.

The result of his "Craigslist Experiment", according to Fortuny the Troll: two people lost their jobs and another "has filed an invasion-of-privacy lawsuit against Fortuny in an Illinois court". The two men that lost their jobs can't be verified, but the lawsuit can: on April 9, 2009, Illinois federal court issued a default judgment in the case Doe v. Fortuny requiring Fortuny to pay $74,252.56 in damages, attorneys fees, and costs.

His title of Prince of Trolls assured, Jason went for the brass ring and the keys to the kingdom. In the aftermath of the suicide of Megan Meier, Fortuny created a blog called "Megan Had it Coming" and made nasty attacks on the dead girl and her family, while posing as Lori Drew, the author of the MySpace page that purportedly drove Megan to her suicide. In an interview with the New York Times, the Times reporter watched Fortuny log in to the blog and make a post. He told the reporter his reason for creating the blog was to "question the public’s hunger for remorse and to challenge the enforceability of cyberharassment laws" and added that "he was pleased with how the Megan Had It Coming blog succeeded".

Congrats on the success of both your "projects", Jason, and enjoy paying that 75K to Mr. Doe. You have been named the Fileunderi "Moron of the Month". The accolades just keep rolling in, don't they?

Sources: Laughing Squid, Wikipedia


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Anonymous said...

They are going to find that zitty little brat in a dumpster someday, hideously mutilated and laughably packaged. The story will make it to dailyrotten.com, and then he'll be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

IM guessing youre one of the DOMINANT MALE COMPAINIONS that he posted on Encyclopedia Dramatica