TomTom XL 330: TomTom Introduces TomTom XL 340 To Product Line

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TomTom XL 330: TomTom Introduces TomTom XL 340 To Product Line

If you are looking for a TomTom XL 330, you should know that on
April 1st, TomTom Inc Introduced four new GPS Navigation Devices to its current product line:

TomTom ONE 140
TomTom ONE 140S
TomTom XL 340
TomTom XL 340S

The difference between the 140 and the 140S is "text to speech". Both models have a 3.5" screen.

Like the 140 Series, the difference between the 340 model and the 340S is the "Text to Speech" feature. The XL models have a 4.3" screen.

These new models, as you would expect, have some new features:

Maps of Mexico; a larger 7 million POI database; 3D building footprints; Advanced Lane Guidance to help insure that you're in the correct lane; and IQ Routes that calculate the best routes based on historical speed data.

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And, of course, a link to the TomTom website


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TomTom One 140 said...

Thanks a lot for the information. The TomTom One 140 S has many good features. Newly added Text-to-speech feature is the unique feature.It is available from $149.95 - $199.99. The design is very decent. It is a light weight device.The advanced lane guidance is also a unique feature.TomTom Home software also gives benefit of downloading updates, back up data, plan routes etc.

r4i said...

The XL 340 S pulls down some of the most useful features of the GO lineup, such as Advanced Lane Guidance, text-to-speech functionality, and daily updates of local fuel prices--while staying well below the $300 price point.