Woman Mistakes Nail Glue For Eye Drops

From Great Britain, the land of Sense and Sensibility:

A Bournemouth, Dorset woman mistakes nail glue for eye drops with the inevitable result...eyes wide shut. Actually, Paula Griffin age 29 only placed the nail glue in her right eye before she realized her mistake. Poor Paula arose from her slumber with blurred vision and decided eye drops were just the thing. Paula explained that it was first thing in the morning and she couldn't see very well. She immediately knew something was wrong when the "eye drop" was really thick and goopy. Her eye was sealed shut for 8 hours, and she experienced intense pain, before the good doctors at the emergency room pried it open by cutting off her lashes.

Paula was warned she could have lost her sight and is still waiting to be told if there is any lasting damage. The glue is used by beauty professionals to fix false nails and carries a toxic symbol and a warning that it bonds skin in seconds.

Paula is now wearing false eyelash extensions to cover up her bald eye.

And Paula is now famous...

We'll be keeping an eye on her.


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