Susan Roesgen: CNN Reporter Makes An Ass Of Herself (Updated)

CNN Reporter Makes An Ass Of Herself (Updated)

CNN Reporter Susan Roesgen apparently had a serious flashback to her days as a McDonalds Drive Thru clerk yesterday as she covered a Tea Party demonstration in Chicago. As we viewed the video of her "interview" with two protesters, we kept waiting for her to scream, "Sir, You DID NOT say no onions on your Quarter Pounder...Now EAT the damn thing and shut up!"

Granted, the man with the "Obama is a Fascist" sign was a complete idiot.

Her face to face with the second protester in the video was actually quite hilarious. The man seemed reasonable enough, and yet she cut him off mid-sentence and at one point was actually yelling at him like a lover who had cheated on her.

But, Susan left the best for last, as she bemoaned the fact that the crowd was hostile to her, pro-Fox News and just generally tried to give the viewer the feeling
that she was completely surrounded and required the Marines to be sent in. We are curious...what part of of her One Minute wasn't "Family Friendly"?

One of the worst examples of reporting we have ever seen. And that's saying a lot.

Hopefully, this is what she will be hearing in her next "interview":

Can I have the value meal Susan?

Guess it all depends on your politics, doesn't it?

Video Source: YouTube User grant1973b


I have to believe that those who have commented on this post here and various other places on the net are vehemently anti-Tea Party. Put your politics aside for a moment and watch the video again. Pretend that she is reporting on something completely unrelated to politics. Here is what I saw:

1. She completely annihilated the first guy with her opening question, "Why is he a fascist?" She could have walked away at that point. Guy #1 was a complete moron. Instead, she chose to lower herself to his level and, in so many words, state that the President must be respected because he is the President.


Our duty as a citizen is to question and dissect EVERYTHING our government does. If you need proof of that...there is a reason the 1st Amendment is the 1st Amendment.

2. Guy #2 wasn't quite in moron territory, and he actually tried to tell her why they were there protesting. Wasn't that the point of HER being there? To find out why they were there and what they believe in? Did she do this? No, she chose to get into a shouting match with guy #2, with her yelling about the money that Illinois will receive.

3. She could have wrapped up at the end and saved herself ( a little). Did she? No, she chose to go off the deep end and ramble on about Fox and the scene not being family friendly.

So, after watching this report, do I know why they were there and what they believe in? No, I know that some moron thinks Obama is a Fascist and that Susan Roesgen is a 100% Obama supporter who obviously believes that our Federal Government can and should spend money without oversight from We The People.

If Susan Roesgen worked for me yesterday, she wouldn't be working for me today.


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Anonymous said...

i think the protesters were the ones making an ass of themselves. why do you think hes a fascist? because he is!.. well.... ya cant argue with that sort of logic.

now im nt saying that the usa government isnt fascist, but its like these numnuts hadnt heard the word fascist during bushs terms.

Anonymous said...

I was interested as to what she thought was not "family friendly" as well.

She was argumentative with the second man, when she had no reason to be. Journalists are supposed to put their personal beliefs aside and cover the news. She was unable to that.

Here is how she should have talked to Guy #1.

In the below video she states.

"You know you really don't need to be so antagonistic"

She should take her own advice.

In the above video she was mad Obama was called the devil (see 2:27-2:28) but was not mad an effigy of Bush was made to look like the devil. This mask effigy was complete with a "Hitler mustache." Susan Roesgen is a hypocrite.

I was worried about the shrinking credibility and objectivity of CNN. (Fox has lost its credibility long ago.) I think BBC America is the network for me now.