Sandra Cantu Arrest: Melissa Huckaby Charged With Kidnapping And Murder

Sunday School teacher Melissa Huckaby has been arrested in the murder case of Sandra Cantu and will be charged with kidnapping and murder. No motive has been given by police, and she was arrested following questioning after she drove herself to the police station at the request of authorities.

The facts as we know them so far:

Sandra Cantu was found in Melissa Huckaby's Suitcase.

Sandra Cantu lived in the same trailer park as Melissa Huckaby.

Sandra Cantu was friends with Melissa Huckaby's daughter.

Police said that Melissa Huckaby was known to them from other incidents, but would not elaborate. They emphasised that she did not have a history of violence.

8 year old Sandra Cantu's body was found stuffed in a suitcase in a dairy pond on Monday, April 6. She had been missing since March 27.An autopsy was conducted on Sandra's body on Tuesday. Autopsy results are not expected for four to six weeks.

It seems that whenever a young girl is taken and murdered, it almost always turns out to be a man...if he is caught. This is unusual and it will be interesting to see what the motive was for this.

Our hearts go out to the Cantu family.


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1 comment:

David said...

Maybe the motive is that she was very upset about the dismal failure of the Mike Huckaby presidential campaign.

I'm just guessing that might be it.

I could be wrong.