The New GM Commercial Theme Song Lyrics

The new GM Theme Song lyrics...sung to "Like a Rock".

Used to be the leader
Always Number One
Made a ton of money
Had a lot of fun
Now we're bleedin' red ink
Looks like we are done
We're in hock.

Took a plane to Wash'ton
Sincere as we could be
Asked 'em for a bailout
From the gov'ment money tree
They said our plan was crappy
Guess we're just not A.I.G.
We're in hock.

Obama's taken over
He'll get us turned around
Get our act together
Make a plan that's sound
Just hope that we can sell cars
For more than a penny on the pound
We're in hock.

We're in hock, our boss was shown the door
We're in hock, please lend a little more
We're in hock, 'til your anus is quite sore
We're in hock.

We're in hock, give us cash we hold so dear
We're in hock, just ignore that nagging fear
We're in hock, we'll move overseas next year.
We're in hock.

Ooooohhhh, we're in hock.

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