Man Caught With 6 Tons Of Pot Claims To Be 114 Years Old

Nigerian Feds say they found 6.5 tons of marijuana at the home of a man in Ogun state, north of Lagos.

Sulaiman Adebayo told the Nigerian drug agents he had attended the inauguration of a famous hall in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun state, in 1895 as a small boy. He went on to claim that he was 114 years old. As of now , this can't be verified.

Perhaps this was the set up to his next claim: he told agents he had been a farmer all his life and thought the 254 sacks of weed really contained...rice.


A little research by Fileunderi:

6.5 tons = 14,300 pounds (assuming metric tons)

Assuming a "street value" of $1000.00 per pound...that's 14.3 Million Dollars "street value" worth of pot.

He thought it was Rice.

Apparently, Americans are not the only folks with lame ass excuses when they are caught by the short arm of the law.


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