The Ropeless Jump Rope: What Will They Think Of Next?

The Ropeless Jump Rope.

No, we are not making this up.

Jumpsnap makes and is marketing a Ropeless Jump Rope.

Why? Glad you asked:

Do you get winded when you try to Jump Rope? Not with the Ropeless Jump Rope. It doesn't matter how far you jump off the ground, or if you are coordinated. All you have to do is twirl your wrists. Yes,folks, jumping rope is just too damn hard with a real rope.

Rope get in the way or hit things when you get too close? Not with this. No Rope. Duh.

Would you miss the sound the rope makes when you jump rope? Nope. The Ropeless Jump Rope makes a realistic jump roping sound. We are going to wait for the deluxe model that simulates heavy breathing sounds of the jumpee.

Do you have $49.95 to blow and want to jump rope without the rope?

Then check out their website...if only for the entertainment value of the video on the home page.

JumpSnap Website

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