Poorly Made Meatball Sub Prompts Man To Slash And Bite Fiancee

Meet Lyndel Toppin.

Lyndel likes his meatball subs his way. When they're not his way, Lyndel tends to express his displeasure in odd ways. Just ask his fiancee.

Lyndel's fiancee prepared Mr. Finicky a meatball sub last week and apparently her cheese placement skills were lacking. When presented with his sub, Mr. Toppin became enraged, grabbed a kitchen knife and slashed his bride to be. The gash required 23 stitches, and she may need surgery for ligament damage.

Was that enough to teach her a lesson? Not yet.

Lyndel then grabbed her wrist and chomped down on it with his teeth. And refused to let go.

Mr. Toppin is currently in jail and charged with aggravated and simple assault, reckless endangerment, possessing an instrument of crime and harassment.

A quip by the Superintendent of the facility housing Mr. Toppin gets the last laugh in this story...

"Wait until he gets a load of the prison food".

Source: Philly.com


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