How To Get Old Men To Vote For You

Here's a little political primer courtesy of our friends in Bangkok, to get old men to vote for you:

Everyone knows that the Thai political system is corrupt as hell and buying votes is the only way to get elected, but a Bangkok politician came up with a novel way of assuring
the old man voter bloc...passing out free Viagra tablets. Actually, this could assure the candidate the old woman voter bloc too.

The accuser of Mr. Viagra,a campaigner for the People’s Power Party in Bangkok (whose older brother is running for office, by the way) had this to say:

"The politician is giving out Viagra to gain popularity and votes. I think this is a very bad way of vote-buying."

Well said. Not sure what the accuser considers a "good way of vote-buying"...

It matters not. Soon, the act of vote buying in Bangkok could get the Buyer AND the Buyee up to 10 years in prison.

Better build some more prisons...


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This obsession Thais have with "vote buying" is so bizarre. How can any trifles given out affect anyone's vote? It's a secret ballot, for Chrissake! You can give anyone anything and they can still vote however they want and there's no way to monitor how they vote.