Anna Nicole Smith s Boyfriend Howard K. Stern, Doctors Charged With Conspiracy

It only took two years: On Thursday, Anna Nicole Smith s boyfriend Howard K. Stern and doctors Sandeep Kapoor and Khristine Eroshevich were each charged with three felony counts of conspiracy and several other charges of fraudulent prescriptions. Prosecutors said the doctors gave the thousands of prescription drugs to Stern, who then gave them to Smith.

The medical examiner's office has said Eroshevich, a Los Angeles psychiatrist and friend of Smith's, authorized all the prescription medications found in the Hollywood, Fla., hotel room where the 39-year-old Smith was found unresponsive shortly before her death in February 2007. Eroshevich had traveled with Smith to Florida.

An alias was used for the prescriptions, Michelle Chase, and prosecutors allege the doctor gave her excessive amounts of sleep aids, opiates, muscle relaxants and methadone-like drugs.

For weeks after Smith's death, rumors were rampant that Howard K.Stern had something to do with it, but police cleared those around Smith of any wrongdoing and the medical examiner's probe deemed it an accidental overdose.

Because Smith was found in a hotel on American Indian land, the case was handled by tribal police and their exemption from public records laws kept most of the investigation from being made public.

Prosecutors did not know how many years in prison Howard K. Stern and the good doctors faced if convicted.


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