Aprilage Aging Software: Britney Spears at 50

The folks over at Extra have taken the world famous Aprilage aging software and used it to age Britney Spears 25 years to show the effects of smoking, tanning and the rest of the crap that most 25 year olds do to their bodies. The photos are of her FACE folks (chuckle), so it's work safe...

Aprilage software is used to find missing children and also for smoking cessation, but if you have $19.95 to throw away you can buy the basic Age-me package and see what look you will be sporting in two and a half decades. We haven't tried it out for you...most of us at Fileunderi will be dead in 25 years.

You can see the Britney Spears age progression pictures HERE

You can check out the Age-me Software from Aprilage HERE


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