Man Had Two Wives In The Same Apartment Complex

Meet Charles L. Clemens Jr.

Charles had two wives. Ho hum you say? We've heard this story before...two wives hundreds of miles away and hubby uses "business trips" as excuses to balance the two families.

Not Charles. The Overland Park,Kansas man had both his wives in the same apartment complex. Police were called to the apartment complex when Wife #2 (of almost 3 years) went to Wife #1's (22 years married) apartment to confront Charles.

Charles was arrested this week.

Charles is also charged with using his father's Social Security card to lease one of the apartments and with stealing jewelry and money from his second wife.

Although Charles is our Criminal AND our Moron of the Day, we still have a little respect for a guy that can juggle 2 wives for a couple of years IN THE SAME APARTMENT COMPLEX.


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