Vladimir Putin: Is My Disguise Working?

Vladimir Putin photo surfaces:

Remember "Where's Waldo"? Sure you do.

Today's game is "Where's Putin". Pete Souza, the man who snapped the photo above, claims that the gent on the left (with the cool camera hanging from his neck) is none other than everyone's fav KGB agent and behind the scenes leader of the U.S.S...er..Russia. Apparently, one of the KGB's spygame ploys was to dress their agents up as tourists and bystanders to "challenge" world leaders when they visited Moscow.

Wow, pretty slick huh? Bet nobody figured that out either. Yep, them Soviets were slick SOBs...

Anyway, a Russian political analyst and author of books on Putin, Andrey Piontkovsky, said of the photo, "Vladimir Putin was a major serving in Dresden and he wasn't important enough at that time to be brought to Moscow."

A recent photo of Putin, or someone claiming to be Putin, is below. You decide.

We can't. Our head is spinning from the intrigue.


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