Vatican Expecting 5 Million Condoms In The Mail

Vatican City will soon receive scores of condoms in the mail as part of a protest against Pope Benedict XVI, demonstration organizers say.

Vatican City is bracing itself for the delivery of possibly millions of condoms, the culmination of a protest against Pope Benedict XVI. Organizers of a group on Facebook say they have orchestrated a mass mailing of condoms to the Vatican. The mailing is planned for today. The condom mailing is in protest of Benedict's condemnation of condom use to try and stem the spread of AIDS in Africa. Pope "B" stated that condoms do not hinder the spread of AIDS, they make the problem worse.
He preached abstinence and no sex outside of marriage.

The Facebook group says they have 26,000 members slated to ship the condoms, but those who have been following the planned protest expect hundreds of thousands more to participate.

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