Octomom Nadya Suleman Gets Nurses And A Bigger House

It seems things are looking up for Octomom Nadya Suleman. Just last week, word was that the hospital wasn't going to release the octuplets to her and the house she shares with Octogrampa and Octogramma was scheduled for auction due to nonpayment. Just a few days later...

Octomom is getting a new $500,000 twenty six hundred square foot home (in octogrampa Ed Doud's name). AND Octomom will have some help in caring for the 8 new additions to the family. Dr. Phil McGraw reports that Suleman has accepted an offer from the nonprofit group Angels in Waiting to provide free medical care for the octuplets. Dr. Phil and attorney Gloria Allred have arranged for Angels in Waiting to devote 14 neonatal intensive care nurses to attend to the babies around the clock. It seems the octuplets are scheduled to be released soon as they were born 9 weeks premature.

Angels in Waiting
estimates that the normal cost of the care they will provide is $135,000 a month.

On a side note: Nadya Suleman now says that having the octuplets "might have been a mistake".

Ya think?

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