The Fileunderi Stupid Criminals Report

The Stupid Criminal report for this week:

Meth Lab Instructions

A Waukesha Wisconsin man was charged Friday with attempting to start a methamphetamine lab. The plan was thwarted because an astute hardware employee saw instructions he was carrying in the store.

Derek J. Haines, 24, told police that he was glad they stopped him because he was afraid he might blow up himself or someone else while trying to manufacture the drug.

Haines was caught Wednesday after he was inside an Ace Hardware carrying a printout from a Web site listing the items he needed to build a clandestine drug lab, the complaint says. The employee saw the paper and called police.

What's In The Diaper Bag?

A Stone Mountain Georgia man faces criminal charges after authorities found a gun in a diaper bag at the security checkpoint of the DeKalb County Courthouse.

Steven Richardson, 29, was with a woman and a baby when he came to the courthouse to face earlier charges of assault and theft by taking.

When an X-ray machine showed an image of a gun in the bag, Richardson identified himself as the owner. He and his companion said they did not know the gun was in the bag.

The gun turned out to be stolen. He was jailed on misdemeanor charges of possession of a weapon at a public gathering, carrying a concealed weapon, carrying a weapon without a permit and receiving stolen property. He was released on $2,000 bond.

Criminals do the darndest things...

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