Ready For A Mileage Tax? Big Brother Is

In response to the deterioration of our roads and interstates, our fine federal government and some state legislatures are considering a mileage tax to fund repairs and rebuilding efforts. The gas tax that the Feds collect on every gallon of gas has not been raised since 1993. Word is that many lawmakers do not feel that the current system is working and a mileage tax would be a paragon of fairness by taxing consumption directly.

As you would probably guess, environmentalist groups support this idea...

We at Fileunderi are not sure what this is all about. As far as we know, the gas tax is currently charged directly to the consumer or passed on to the consumer at the pump. Either way, we pay. Our consumption is taxed directly. Drive more miles, use more gas and pay more taxes. Sounds pretty simple and fair.

The plan to tax mileage could only be enforced in one of two ways:

The Honor System. PLEASE! We already have this system with our income taxes. How well does that work?

The other alternative...

GPS. That's right, GPS. The Feds or State governments would track your mileage.
No, we are not making this up. Many lawmakers are actually behind this idea.

And yet another reason for the Founding Fathers to roll in their graves.

Think about it.

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