Ruth Madoff: My 62 Million Wasn't Part Of The Ponzi Scheme

From the "You Gotta Be Kidding Me" File:

Ruth Madoff, loooong time wife of "alleged" con artist and ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff, says her 62 Million Dollars had nothing to do with the "alleged" ponzi scheme her husband disguised as an investment firm for decades.

Mrs. Madoff has 45 Million Dollars in Bonds and 17 Million Dollars in CASH deposited with Wachovia. She claims this money is hers, had nothing to do with Bernie Madoff's investment fraud and should not be subject to seizure.

By the way...did we mention she withdrew $10 Million Dollars THE DAY BEFORE he was arrested?

For those of you thinking perhaps she was in the money before she married Bernie...they grew up in the same Queens neighborhood, Laurelton, then a lower-middle-class area.


Maybe she is just a very savvy investor in her own right.


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