Man Pays Traffic Ticket With Urine Soaked Coins

Man Pays Traffic Ticket With Urine Soaked Coins:

A Washington (state) man found a novel way to express his displeasure over a $206 traffic ticket...he mailed a plastic bag filled with coins and urine to a county billing office.

Believe it or not, the man didn't break any postal laws by mailing the combination of urine and change. Postal officials say it is legal to mail urine or other bodily fluids as long as they are packaged properly and in a way that doesn't leak or smell. County employees said the package was wrapped tightly until it reached the courthouse mail room and didn't smell until it was opened.

Sgt. Phil Anderchchuk of the Multnomah County Sheriff's office had this to say, "That's something I can't wrap my mind around. The thought process of acting consciously -- consummating the act of urinating in a box full of coins that someone is going to receive."

Unfortunately for the man, there is one thing he didn't think of:

The policy of the court is to only accept up to $20 in change, so court workers returned his money...

Postage Due.

The man now owes $271, including late fees.


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