Bestiality Is Still Legal In Florida

Bestiality is still legal in Florida, but not for much longer. A state senate committee has voted to make any sex with an animal charge a third-degree felony.

Florida is one of 16 states that still permit bestiality. Most of the states do not actually permit sex with animals, but the laws are so vague that prosecution is impossible. Animal-rights activist and Florida State Senator Nan Rich found this out when a Florida man three years ago was suspected of accidentally asphyxiating a family goat with which he was copulating.

“There’s a tremendous correlation between sexually deviant behavior and crimes against children and crimes against animals,” said Rich," This is long overdue. These are heinous crimes. And people belong in jail.”

But the man suspected of assaulting Meg the Goat was never charged, because law enforcement officials could never link him to the crime scene. The suspect was arrested in a separate goat-abducting months later, said Walton County Assistant State Attorney Walter Parker.

Two goat incidents with one man? Wow.


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