School Headmaster Says No Vampires Here

The Headmaster of Boston Latin School, Lynne Moone Teta, has announced that there are no vampires on campus.The prestigious Boston Latin School, which was founded in 1625 and boasts students including Ben Franklin, Sam Adams and John Hancock, has been beset with rumors the last couple of days that vampires are roaming the halls.

On Wednesday, students emailed news organizations that:

*Three students at the school believe they are vampires

*One student was bitten

*The Boston Police Department was called in

*A student was arrested (for vampiring?) and a student was suspended

Boston Police acknowledge that they were called in, but only to quell student's fears.

We at Fileunderi are quite sure that the release of Twilight on DVD has absolutely nothing to do with this. Right? Twilight, if you aren't familiar with the story, centers on the romance between a vampire and non-vampire who are...high school students. It only sold 13 million copies the FIRST DAY of release.

All you kids can go gaga over Twilight...we'll stick with The Lost Boys. Thanks.


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