Mary Ellen Hause: Facebook Photo Puts Woman In Jail

A Facebook photo of middle aged Mary Ellen Hause, three high school cheerleaders and an oh so incriminating bottle of Smirnoff has landed Ms. Hause in the pokey.

Last year, a Springboro (Ohio) High School administrator who searches students' Facebook profiles for hanky panky found the photo of the part time teachers aide with the cheerleaders and turned it over to local police. Who turned it over to the Warren County Ohio Prosecutor...Who prosecuted.
Mary Ellen Hause was charged with allowing the minors to drink in her home. Ms. Hause denies knowing the kids were drinking when she first went down into her basement, and says when she figured it out, she threw everyone out..except for her son.

Unfortunately, the kids had a different story. They say that they brought the fire water to the party, but that Mary Ellen not only knew about the drinking...she drank herself and participated in drinking games with the kids.

Mary Ellen Hause was sentenced to 30 days in prison, fined $500, ordered to pick up trash for 10 days and has 3 years of probation ban on drinking alcohol and having possession of alcohol. Her conviction was recently upheld by an appeals court.

The cheerleaders were not punished.

We could not find the photo in question (duh) for purely entertainment purposes we have included a photo of a Smirnoff bottle and the Idaho Vandals Cheerleaders. Use your imagination from there...


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