New Windows Will Allow Users To Switch Off IE

If you follow Tech at all, you have probably read reports by a few Beta Testers of the new Windows OS that the great and powerful Microsoft Corporation and Lord Bill Gates will allow users of this new OS to TURN OFF IE (Internet Explorer). In a little damage control, Microsoft has announced that this is, in fact, true. Better to hear it from the horses mouth, it seems.

We are sure that Microsoft will use this as a PR ploy...that they did this out of the goodness of their heart. The fact is they really have no choice as the announcement comes less than two months after the European Commission sent Microsoft a Statement of Objections that accused the company of unfairly bundling Internet Explorer to its Windows operating system. Windows is used in roughly 95 percent of the world's personal computers. U.S. antitrust regulators have also scrutinized Microsoft in recent years over their practice of bundling key programs.

The word on the street is that, with this new OS, it will be easier for users to remove any traces of IE, although the software will remain installed on the computer.


Wonder if Lord Gates will allow Apple Products in his house next? He currently does not.

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