Subway Worker Puts Lettuce Up Nose Then Puts It Back

A Subway employee in Great Britain was fired after footage of him stuffing lettuce leaves up his nose, before he put them back in their serving tray, was posted on YouTube.

Richard Shannon, who also put salad leaves in his mouth before spitting them out, was arrested after a customer recognized the 22-year-old from the video.
Shannon was arrested after the irate woman went to Subway in Brownhills, West Midlands,and hurled a chair at him.

The defendant admitted a single charge of contaminating or interfering with goods with intent to cause economic loss, alarm or injury.
He claimed the incident, filmed by a friend on a mobile phone early last year, had been a prank and that the lettuce, which went back into a tray used to make customers' sandwiches, had been discarded.

But magistrates' chairman Elizabeth Baugh, who viewed the footage of the offense, said it had caused great anxiety and distress.
The magistrate told Shannon: "Despite your previous good character, your actions merit a custodial sentence."
"However, due to your early guilty plea and the fact you have shown remorse for your actions, we are imposing a community order."

Shannon, who had faced a jail term of up to six months, was also ordered to do 300 hours of community service.

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