Van Morrison Tour: Van Morrison Astral Weeks World Tour

Better late than never. 40 years after Van Morrison's Astral Weeks album was released to critical acclaim and lukewarm popularity, the Astral Weeks World Tour has begun. Well...sort of. If you call 4 more dates a World Tour. After performing Astral Weeks at the Hollywood Bowl back in November, Van Morrison has released the CD Astral Weeks: Live at the Hollywood Bowl, with a DVD concert film soon to follow.

Astral Weeks is Van Morrison's enigmatic 1968 release that usually shows up on any one's top 100 "Best Albums of All Time" lists. It was #19 on Rolling Stone's "Best Ever" in 2003. Despite it's critical acclaim, the album has been plagued by slow sales and did not reach "Gold" until 2001. A proper tour was never organized, although Van Morrison did play a few Astral Weeks gigs on both coasts.

So, there really isn't a World Tour and all you younger Van Morrison fans who haven't listened to one of the best albums ever should just go out and buy the CD and jam this evening.

It's a marvelous night for a moon dance...

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