The Brassage Bra: Massage Your Breasts Just By Wearing It

From the "Damn! Don't they make men's underwear too?" File:

Hot today is the Brassage(TM)Bra, advertised as the bra that will massage your breasts just by wearing it.

According to the Brassage(TM) Website the purchase of one of these little numbers will do the following for you:

*Stimulate Lymphatic Flow Promoting Healthy Breast Tissue...prevents cancer?!?

*Comfort Cushions...sweet!

*Earth-Friendly (100% Cotton)...just like all our T-shirts!

*Has Letflow(r) Technology...whatever that means

Ladies, check out that website and get your breasts massaged!

Here it is again in case you missed it above: Brassage


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