Women's Breasts Are Getting Larger: "Steady Growth In Breasts"

Fayreform "braologist" Carol Rashleigh says that New Zealand women's breasts are getting larger. D cups and larger are accounting for nearly half of Bendon bras sold in New Zealand last year.

According to Bendon sales figures, the C cup is still the most popular...but sales of D to J cup sizes have increased by 53 percent over the past three years. Braologist Rashleigh has seen steady growth in breasts over her more than two decades of helping women into fitting bras.

Rashleigh did not indicate if the mammary growth was natural or as the result of man-made enhancement.

We here at Fileunderi are not sure what is required to become a "Braologist", but we are thinking of applying and can assure our prospective employer in the Pacific that we would approach the position with the utmost...ummm...Zeal.


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