Obama Special Olympics: Obama Special Olympics Show Bowling Bumble

The Obama Jay Leno show was not a success. An Obama Special Olympics remark is bringing damage control efforts from the White House as they try to spin their way out of a remark made last night by Barack Obama.

When asked about his bowling prowess (he bowled a 129), Mr. Obama said: "It was like the Special Olympics...or something".

Within milliseconds of the last word leaving his mouth, Barry got "that look" in his eyes that told everyone he knew he had screwed up.

Come on BARRY! You know you can't say "gay" or "retarded" right now! And you most definitely can't say either one of those on National TV. Maybe the writer did it, or it's a conspiracy of the teleprompter's union to make you look bad, but the words came out of YOUR mouth.


That'll cost ol' Barry a percentage point or two in the popularity poll.


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