David Friehling: Madoff Accountant Finally Charged

Bernie Madoff accountant David Friehling is out on 2.5 Million Dollar bail after being charged with fraud for his part in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme. He is the only other person charged so far in the 65 Billion(or so)Dollar, decades long fraud that nobody seemed to know anything about.

David Friehling 's accounting firm has "audited" and "certified" Madoff's books for the last 17 years. Friehling was the only CPA in the small firm. He was charged with
securities fraud, aiding and abetting investment adviser fraud and false audit reports...and faces upwards of 105 years in prison.

The SEC, in their lawsuit, said Mr. Friehling "merely pretended" to audit Bernie Madoff's books.(oh really?) Friehling and his firm were paid from Madoff's ill-gotten gains, and he and his family improperly held accounts at the Madoff firm in violation of accounting rules, the SEC said.

Friehling turned himself in to the FBI...

Does anyone REMOTELY believe that Bernie Madoff and his accountant were the ONLY people who knew what was going on here?


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