Philadelphia Pet Shop Gets Unexpected Delivery

An employee of Pets Plus USA in Philadelphia attempted to pick up a shipment of exotic fish from US Airways on Monday night and was turned away when he lacked proper identification. The second attempt to pick up the fish was successful and a large box was brought to the store. Upon his return to the store the box was opened and, instead of tropical fish, employees found...

The body of 65 year old Jon Kenoyer from Santee, California. It seems that Mr. Kenoyer had died of Alzheimer's on Friday and his widow had donated his body to a research company called Lifequest in Allentown, PA.

The widow took it all in stride...

"At first, I was in the state of shock that they messed up to begin with, I wondered where he was going or how he got there," Kenoyer's widow Mary Ellen said. "And then I started to laugh because he was one that always did practical jokes and I said this was the last joke on us"

U.S. Airways had this to say:

"Regrettably, there was an unfortunate mix up today (Tuesday) at the US Airways Cargo facility near Philadelphia International Airport. The mix up occurred due to a verbal miscommunication between a delivery driver and the cargo representative. We are working to rectify the situation and are deeply sorry for the inconvenience this has caused."

Regrettably indeed.

On a sad note, it seems the fish did not survive the mix up.

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Kyle P said...

I just can't believe this. Could you imagine being the fish store guy and opening the box to find a dead body? He probably has nightmares about that day.