Nadya Suleman 911 Call: "I'm Going To Kill Myself"

The Nadya Suleman saga continues with the revelation of a 911 call back in October in which OctoMom, distraught over her missing 5 year old, told the operator she was "going to kill herself". Nadya Suleman told RadarOnline in an interview that she was "hormonal" and that that was the reason for her outburst. It seems her missing 5 year old had followed one of the OctoGrandParents around the block for a walk.

Also revealed are SEVEN additional 911 calls in the last year...including a neighbors call which prompted a visit from Children's Services AND another call in which one of OctoMom's tots told the 911 operator,"I'm in charge".

Word is that the Hospital currently housing the Octuplets are not going to release the babies to this train wreck of a family. And so, it would seem, the people of the Great State of California are going to pay for and raise the Octuplets.

Perhaps they could sue the idiot that did the In vitro Fertilization.

Here is the interview and 911 tape on RadarOnline.

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