Two Companies In Legal Battle Over Fart iPod App

From the "We Have The Best Fart" File:

and InfoMedia are engaged in a heated legal battle over the phrase "Pull My Finger". Both companies have an iPod App that simulates fart noises.

Air-O-Matic, located in Florida, has the Pull My Finger App, which at one time was the second most popular App for the iPod. InfoMedia, located in Colorado, offers a selection of noises: Jack the Ripper, Brown Mosquito and Burrito Maximo (our personal fav).

Unfortunately, InfoMedia decided to use "Pull My Finger" in their advertising and Air-O-Matic sent a cease and desist letter. InfoMedia counters back that the phrase is common slang, and has been for quite some time.

This little fart dispute hasn't been settled yet, and we will keep you up to date if there are any new developments. We are rooting for InfoMedia, as we like their Apps better AND we have been saying "Pull Our Finger" for years.


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