Iron Man 2: Whiplash and Black Widow Are Cast

The Iron Man 2 villains Whiplash and Black Widow have been cast. Scarlett Johansson has been cast as the Russian spy Black Widow and Mickey Rourke will play the Russian villain Whiplash...actually a combination of the Whiplash character and a another comic book character Crimson Dynamo.

Apparently British actress Emily Blunt had the role of Black Widow,but was unable to play the role due to contractual obligations with 20th Century Fox (Gulliver's Travels). Eliza "Dollhouse" Dushku wanted the role, but it seems that Johansson was the screen test "second runner up".

Black Widow first appeared in 1964’s Tales of Suspense 52, as did Iron Man. The character also has appeared with Spider-Man and could appear in Marvel’s Avengers movie.

We have missed Rourke over the last few years and think he will make a great villain in Iron Man 2. It's a blast watching the comic book characters you followed as a kid come to life and we were pretty impressed with the first Iron Man. Here's hoping the second helping is equally as impressive.

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