Valerie Bertinelli: Taking Weight Loss One Day At A Time

Today is "40 Something Women Who Still Look Great Day" at Fileunderi. We will start with Valerie Bertinelli, who had lost 40 some pounds when she posed for the January Issue of Fitness, and 50 pounds for the People cover below. Weight loss aside, it amazes us that this 48 year old woman on the Fitness cover looks so much like the young lady we watched on One Day At A Time.

Valerie had this to say to Fitness:

"My decision to lose weight was about me- how I wanted to feel inside. I had to do this for myself... You have to give yourself time. It doesn't happen overnight. I started this journey in March 2007. It's got to be a long-term commitment."

And on people' perception that it's easier for celebs to lose weight and stay fit with the resources and money available to them...

"Well, truthfully, most celebrities do. Look, I understand the cynicism that we have all these people working for us, doing everything we need done. But that's not the case for me. I cook, I run my own errands. No one can do my workouts for me."

You're looking great Valerie...

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