Recovery Logo: Gets A Brand

Look at the New Recovery Logo! Pretty sweet stuff. Now, has a brand, just like the big corporations.

A Recovery Logo logo is just what this country needs. Something to rally behind...something to pump us up...get our patriotic juices flowing.

We are freaking stoked!

Just the sight of it makes us want to send in extra with our tax payments, help with economic recovery and just do anything we can to stimulate the living hell out of everybody.
We are quite sure there were many sleepless nights and midnight oil burning that went into the design, implementation and marketing of this fine piece of Americana. So, we would like to thank all those who did their part to help us out of this rough stretch of road we are on.

It should be smooth sailing from here on in...

Kinda cool that's in the shape of an "O". Just like you know who's first name.

Here's a pretty cool logo we found on the blog of our friends:

American Elephant

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