Clorox Offers $5000 For Capture Of Porta Potty Pyro

Since November of 2008, a dark and evil force has ruled the streets of San Francisco. The Porta Potties of the City by the Bay have been terrorized by an unknown person or persons who derives great glee from watching the Porta Johns' destruction by fire.

The notorious Portable Toilet Pyromaniac has torched a dozen or so of the innocent structures at various locations around the city, causing approximately $50,000 in property damage and leaving a foul stench that lingers in the minds (and noses) of those nearby.

But, a white knight is riding in to rescue this city gripped in fear...Clorox has offered a $5000 reward and loads of cleaning supplies to anyone who brings the fire starter to justice. A "Potty Patrol" has hit the streets to get the word out.

Live in fear, mad crapper arsonist...Clorox gets the scum other can't.


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