Washington Residents To Pre-School: Not In Our Neighborhood

Annette Weaver thought her 6 acre tract of land in Port Orchard, Washington was perfect for her planned Montessori Farmhouse School. She filed for, and Planners in Kitsap County recommended, a permit for the pre-school. Cut and dried. Right?


Neighbors in the rural area of Washington state said 'not in our neighborhood'...

The reasons for not approving the noble undertaking?

* "Noise generated by laughter and screaming of young children during outdoor playtime and by up to 84 vehicle trips to and from the property would be materially detrimental to single-family residential properties in the immediate vicinity", according to Hearing Examiner Ted Hunter.

* Neighbors also pointed out that the children might harm the environment by straying off the paths during visits to the woods.

Mr. Hunter ruled in favor of the neighbors and against the "laudable goal"(quote)of educating the area's pre-schoolers.

Yes, those darn pre-schoolers are extremely destructive. Another victory for the rights of homeowners and environmentalists...

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