FEMA Prisons: FEMA Prison Camps Go Mainstream

I am not a conspiracy theorist. I do not believe there is a grand world wide conspiracy to implement a New World Order, nor do I believe the Illuminati is anything more than a few crazy people. Hell, I think Oswald worked alone and was one hell of a shot...and Jack Ruby was a crazy dude that wanted a little 15 minutes, before 15 minutes was chic.

That being said...

FEMA Prisons is the hot topic today. There are many of you that don't believe they exist. Or just don't give a damn. If you do believe they exist, "they are just camps". That's what FEMA does. Disasters (aint it the truth).

Perhaps you were out of the country the last 8 years and did not experience the reign of King George II. If nothing else, KGII was brutally honest when voicing his opinion on a subject. And one of his favorite subjects was the security of our great nation. If you believe that KGII would not have done ANYTHING to protect his notion of security, then you weren't paying attention. Most of his actions were out in the open as the man appeared to adore giving the finger to the rest of the world. But with his sidekick Darth Vader as VP, you are only kidding yourself if you believe that every plan in place was public knowledge.

Fortunately, KGII has been replaced with Lord Obama. Who is this man? We don't know yet. Less than two months in office is not adequate to give us a reading on what he is capable of, or how far he would go if the American Public "revolted" and protested his programs and ideas.

It really doesn't matter.

If you paid attention in your school days to the history that was taught you and read between the lines...and if you have done any research at all in your adult life, then you know the Federal Government has slowly grabbed more power over you and any form of local government with each passing decade. If anything, this process has accelerated in the last few decades. Each little power grab and each instance of "water added" to dilute our rights is done under the guise of greater security for you and our Nation as a whole. To make our lives better and to make us safe...

This is a lie.

The almost sole purpose of our recent Federal Governments has been to secure those governments. To keep the Feds in power. The exact opposite of what they were originally created for: to secure the rights of the individuals of this nation.

Thomas Jefferson wrote that each generation should have their own revolution, as the previous generation was ill equipped to rule and make decisions based on their old thinking and ideas. Jefferson understood decadence.

Never think that the current Federal Government would accept and put up with an outcry equal to or greater than that which occurred in the Sixties. If things got really out of hand with the current economy, the Federal Government would do what it had to do to maintain "order".

And so, you have FEMA camps.

You decide.

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